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Clean-In-Place Technology

Food processing operation downtime can cost thousands of dollars in lost production per hour. One way to prevent costly downtime is the use of high quality Gates Mectrol food grade belting.
Save Time, Water, Labor with Clean-In-Place Technology
The belting you now use is costing you more than you think.
To find out just how much you could save use our easy online calculator.
Download an independent study commissioned to compare the cleanability of urethane belting and plastic modular belting. Cleanability Study: PosiClean vs. Plastic Modular Belting
Built food grade tough
Gates Mectrol food grade belting has sealed Kevlar® tension members to limit belt stretch. Compared to flat belting and monolithic belts, this limits the time you spend adjusting belting tension. Plus, Gates Mectrol polyurethane construction is water and chemical resistant – ready to stand up to the harshest of cleaning products.

Leave it to clean it
Designed specifically for wash down environments, Gates Mectrol food grade belting is ready to be cleaned in place (CIP). No matter if your sanitation schedule dictates continuous cleaning or a stop and wash procedure, not having to remove the belt saves time and costs.

Water = Waste
Beyond being a precious resource, water can be expensive to use and discard. The smooth design allows belting to be pressure washed while left on table. On average this equates to half the cleaning time and 45% reduction in water usage and the cost of water disposal. Add this to not having to heat as much water and the savings really add up.

Clean made simple
Gates Mectrol food grade belting is designed as an easy-to-clean replacement for the food processing industry. When replacing plastic modular belting, the benefits will make you rethink the time and energy spent on conveyor belting.

 Clean-In-Place Features

 Food Belt Savings Calculator

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Gates Mectrol PDF File Cleanability Study:
PosiClean vs. plastic modular

Gates Mectrol PDF File Food Belt Sanitation Guidelines

Gates Mectrol PDF File Food Conveying Belt Catalog

Gates Mectrol PDF File Food Belt Overview Brochure

Gates Mectrol PDF File Industrial Timing Belt Catalog

It all adds up
A poultry processing plant asked Gates Mectrol to replace plastic modular conveyor belts with an efficient cleaning and sanitation solution.

Converting to PosiClean saves $72,000 per Year.

$72K annual savings
Chicken on PosiClean Belt

Clean- In-Place Features

With urethane, CIP practices can be followed and urethane belt can be pressure washed while left on equipment.

  • Typical modular chain cleaning protocol includes taking belt off machine daily and soaking in detergent

Saves time, water and wastewater disposal

  • 50% labor savings in clean up time
  • 45% savings in water usage
Ease of cleaning reduces risk of microbial contamination
  • 43% less surface area than plastic modular belting

 Our “blue belts” are green

  • Significant cleaning labor, water savings and wastewater reduction 
  • Water savings of 600 gallons per year for every foot
    of 24” plastic modular chain replaced
  • Water savings during cleaning
  • Waste water disposal savings
  • Lighter than plastic modular belting
  • 48% weight savings (97 lbs. less for a 24”, 50 foot belt)
  • Smaller carbon footprint to operate
  • Smaller drum motor requirement
    -Less horsepower needed
    -Smaller minimum shell diameter

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