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Flat Belts
Elevator Lift Application 2

  • Gates Mectrol polyurethane flat belting is appropriate for lifting and positioning applications
    including lift systems, forklifts, car wash installations and scissor-type lifting tables.
  • The product line consists of several cord types – steel, high-flex steel and aramid
    - encapsulated in an abrasion and chemical resistant urethane jacket.
    Design advantages of this product line include minimizing the design envelope
    through the use of smaller diameter pulleys.

   These flat belts are normally sold in open ended lengths and are clamped on each end.

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     Flat Belt Specifications

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Applications  Belt Pitches
 Lifting  FL8, FL12, FX9, FX12, F13, F19
 Conveying - General, Bulk & Sheet Rock  F8, F12

Nominal Thickness
F8 0.080"
FL8 0.080"
F12 0.125"
FL12 0.125"
FX9 0.090"
FX12 0.120"
F13 0.130"
F19 0.190"
 Flat Belt Thickness Arrow Down Width Tolerances

Application Characteristics 

  • Heavy load lifting or lowering
  • Allows for "slip" requirement
  • Smooth uniform motion 
  • Small bending radius for small design envelope 
  • Very low stretch characteristics

Product Features

  • Smooth, vibration free operation
  • Small pulley diameters
  • High strength, low stretch for long life
  • Sealed edges, no cord fraying
  • Easily guided with flanged pulleys
  • Kevlar®  cord
  • No lubrication needed
  • No retensioning required

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 Flat Belt Specifications

Width Tolerances
Width F8, FL8, F12, FL12 FX9, FX12, F13, F19
Up to 2" +/-.020" +/-.030"
>2" - 4" +/-.030" N/A


Flat Belt Specifications