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Profiled Belts
Timing Belt Custom Profiles

Gates Mectrol timing belts can be customized with welded-on profiles to meet the specific demands of your application.

These profiles can be molded in virtually any configuration for holding, pushing, lifting, or actuating. This makes these profile belts ideal for your assembly, packaging, inserting and other automation equipment applications.

Our molded profiles are produced in the same tough urethane and become an integral part of the belt by thermal bonding.

Use the Profile Selector Tool to find the right profile for your application.

QuickShip QuickShip Profiles profiled belts are available to be shipped within 5 days of order.

Gates Mectrol PDF File Profile Recommendations   Contact Application Engineer Gates Mectrol PDF File Industrial Timing Belt Catalog 

Product Features

  • Non-marking, durable urethane construction                    
  • Molded and located on the belt to exacting tolerances                    
  • Can be molded to virtually any custom configuration                    
  • Available in 85 and 92 Shore A hardness                    
  • Available in FDA compliant polyurthane                    
  • Thermally fused to base belt material                    
  • Available with metal inserts, including threaded inserts

Profile Selector 

  • Find the right profile for your application 
  • Drawing downloads for each selection 
  • Minimum pulley recommendations


Application Characteristics

  • Pushing, carrying or actuating in packaging applications                    
  • Product location in process applications                    
  • Holders for mounting devices                    
  • Interchangeable spacing for alternate product conveying

Exact placement of the profile allows for precision assembly of parts. In this
application, razor heads are mounted
accurately as a result of the Gates
Mectrol profiled timing belt.

Custom profiles are used for pins and rests on a tilt-tray mail sorting machine.

Hundreds of profile designs are available from Gates Mectrol’s extensive mold inventory. Our applications engineers can work with you to design any profile to meet your specific requirements.

Tooling charges are minimal for most customized designs. Gates Mectrol QuickShip profiles offer cost savings and fast delivery. Our most requested profiles are available with a ten day lead time for a standard or stock belt.


7 Rectangular Profiles Available for QuickShip link to to see all RC QuickShip Profiles
Belt Profile SP1011  .353[9.0] H x .314[8.0] W Up to 12” L
Belt Profile  SP1016  .492[12.50] H x .472[12.0] W Up to 6.5” L
Belt Profile SP1051 .787[20] H x .236[6] W Up to 1.969” L
Belt Profile SP1056 .563[14.3] H x .626[15.90] W Up to 1” L
Belt Profile SP1089 .394[10.0] H x .591[15.01] W Up to 1.969” L
Belt Profile SP 1136
Belt Profile SP1184
Belt Profile SP1219
Belt Profile SP1415

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