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Urethane is the Best Choice for Timing Belts

Urethane's advantages include:
  • High abrasion resistance (see Comparative Abrasion Resistance Chart). Under Certain conditions - e.g. if a lubricant is used, Gates Mectrol's urethane timing belts may have a longer service life than high-grade steel.   
  • Flexibility over a high range of temperatures: -40°C to 80°C(175°F) with short term to 120°C (250°F)   
  • High elasticity - absorbs shock, impact and vibration   
  • Excellent resistance to oils, greases and some solvents
    Chemical resistance is extremely application specific (temperature, duration, concentration)
    Since Gates Mectrol cannot control the environment under which a belt will be used, we cannot guarantee performance. We will conduct accelerated aging tests at a marketing manager's discretion, but the ultimate decision will be the customer's.
    Generally Resistant to:
    Room temperature water
      Generally Attacked by:
    Concentrated acids
    Chlorinated hydrocarbons
    Nitro hydrocarbons
    High temperature water
  • Good weatherability   
  • -1>Nonplasticized   
  • FDA/USDA formulation available. Gates Mectrol's FDA grade urethane timing belt, when used unmodified for food contact applications, will comply with the U.S. Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act as amended under food Additive Regulation 177.2600.

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