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Industry Applications

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Gates Mectrol’s wide product range offers properties which fulfill important industrial needs:
• Positional accuracy
• Exceptional strength
• Abrasion and chemical resistance
• Easy and quick customization
• Clean and quiet operation

Industrial Timing Belt Catalog Gates Mectrol PDF File
Food Conveying Belt Catalog Gates Mectrol PDF File
Food Processing Case Studies

Industrial conveyors are horizontal, inclined, declined, or vertical
which move materials from one place to another at a
controlled rate.

Profile Selector 

 Imperial Pitch Belts  - XL, L, H, H-HF, XH
 T Pitch Belts – T2.5, T5, T10, T10-HF, T20, GMT3™
 Food Grade BeltsCenterClean™, PosiClean®
 Flat Conveying Belts – WF12

• Packaging Equipment
• Low Profile Conveyors
• Small Part Transfer
• Hygiene Product Machines
• High Speed Conveying
• Rapid Indexing
• Vacuum Applications
• Automated Process Conveyors
• Bulk Product Conveying
• Food & Confectionery Conveying
• Glass Processing
• Medical Equipment
• Paper/Paperboard Manufacturing
• Pharmaceutical
• Printing

Conveyer Application - Glass
Glass Processing


Conveyer Application - Paper
Box Folding

• Clean Room
• Wash Down



Linear Positioning
Linear motion devices are composed of a stationary base and a moving carriage. Belt-driven linear positioning is optimized for high speeds.

Motion Calculator

 AT Pitch Belts  – AT5, AT10, ATL10, ATL10-HF, AT20, ATL20
 STD Pitch Belts  – STD5, STD8

• Linear Actuators
• Automatic Door
• Automated Storage and Retrieval
• Woodworking
• Glass Fabrication
• Medical Equipment
• Packaging
• Paper/Paperboard Manufacturing
• Textile

Linear Positioning Automatic Doors
Automatic Doors



Power Transmission
A belt drive power transmission system consists of a belt and at least two fixed pulleys that is used to transmit motion.

 HTD Pitch Belts - HTD5, HTD8, HTD14, HTDL14

• Food
• Medical Equipment
• Packaging
• Textiles

Gates Corporation offers the broadest range of power transmission belts in the industry.


Power Transmission Application - Textile Industry
Fiber Winding in the Textile Industry





Transmission systems that are driven by flat belts.

 Flat Lifting Belts - F8, FL8, F12, FL12, F30, FX9, FX12, F13, F19

• Automotive
• Elevator

Lifting Belt Application




Food Grade Belts 
Clean-In-Place food processing belting.

 Food Grade Belts - PosiClean®, CenterClean™, FlatClean™,
    Clean-In-Place Technology, Food Belt Installation and Fabrication

 Food Grade Belt Case Studies

Food Processing Application
Food Processing



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