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Gates Mectrol's GMT3™ is the ideal choice for low profile conveyors and small part transfer applications.

 low profile conveyors

 GMT3™ Belt Specifications 

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  • 3 mm Belt pitch allows for pulley diameters to be as small as 19 mm (0.75")
  • GMT3™ is compatible with 3MR GT, 3M HTD and 3M RPP pulleys
  • Proprietary tooth profile is designed to minimize noise and for running on slider beds
  • Polyurethane body provides high abrasion resistance
  • GMT3™ is also produced as a spliced endless belt in any length from 770 mm and up
  • Contact Gates Mectrol for availability

Advantages Over Flat Conveyor Belting

  • Provides positive indexing, allowing hgher acceleration rates without slippage                             
  • Kevlar® tensile members
    - Minimal stretch allows for longer belt life and eliminates periodic retensioning
  • Longer conveyor life
    - Lower initial tension requirements put less force on shafts and bearings

Advantages Over Plastic Modular Chain
  • Quieter
  • Less surface area to harbor bacteria
    - Faster CIP process
  • Can run on much smaller pulley diameters

GMT3 Poultry Packaging

GMT3™ Specifications *    
Pitch mm 3
Ultimate Tensile Strength per Inch or 25mm Belt Width lbf/in 420
N/25mm 1870
Max. Allowable Belt Tension per Inch or 25mm Belt Width lbf/in 50
N/25mm 220
Min. No. of Pulley Teeth   20
Min. Pitch Diameter inch 0.75
mm 19
Min. Diameter of Tensioning Idler Running on Back of Belt inch 1.125
mm 30
Hardness. Shore A   85
Service Temperature Range   -10º C to +60ºC (14ºF to 140ºF)
Urethane Grade   FDA Compliant
Standard Colors (W=White, B=Blue)   W, B
Min. Welded Belt Length mm 1002
Standard Roll Lengths meters 60
Standard Slitting lanes mm 25
Min. Width Available* mm 50
Maximum Width Available* mm 450
* Contact Gates Mectrol for availability
GMT3 Diagram

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