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The FlatClean™ is a polyurethane flat belt reinforced with Kevlar­® tensile members. This belt is designed specifically for the food processing industry and manufactured to exacting tolerances. 

FlatClean FC9 belting is made using a coextrusion process that allows for two different resin hardnesses:

  • Bottom of belt has a harder durometer urethane for greater abrasion resistance
  • Top of belt has a softer urethane for better product retention and improved wrap around smaller diameter pulleys

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PosiClean vs. plastic modular

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Product Features

  • Sealed edges and tension members prevent ingress of microbes
  • Kevlar­® tension members provide high strength, low stretch
  • Thickness controlled to exacting tolerances
  • Smooth surface allows cleaning to a microbiological level
  • Urethane material compatible with wash down environments 
  • Oil resistant

Application Characteristics

  • Reduction of in-process bacteria growth
  • Longer belt life due to minimal belt stretch
  • Reduced down time due to sanitation and belt failures
Food Grade Flat Belt Used in Candy Manufacturing

FlatClean Specifications    
Belt Options   FC9
Designator   FC9IP
Surface Finish Top Inverted Pyramid
  Bottom Smooth
Thickness   0.100" / (2.5mm)
Hardness, Shore A Top 90
  Bottom 95
Cords/inch   2
Ultimate Belt Strength (lbs/inch width)   146
Specific Belt Weight (lbs/ft/in)   0.048
Specific Belt Stiffness (lbs/inch)   3675
Min. Pulley Dia. Service Temperature Above 25°F 2.0" (51mm)
Min. Pulley Dia. Service Temperature Below 25°F   2.0" (51mm)
Service Temperature Range   +15° to 160° F (-9° to 71°C)
Coefficient of Friction (Dynamic/Static)    
Top:      TPU vs. UHMW Dry 0.31/0.37
       Wet 0.30/0.38
             TPU vs. Steel           Dry 0.32/0.40
  Wet 0.35/0.39
Bottom: TPU vs. UHMW Dry 0.33/0.42
  Wet 0.35/0.58
             TPU vs. Steel      Dry 0.52/0.57
  Wet 0.40/0.57
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion in/in/°F 1.09 x 10-4
  [mm/mm/°C] 1.96 x 10-4
Color Top Royal Blue
  Bottom PosiBlue
Width (Min. and Max.)   4" / 48" (102 / 1219mm)
Length (Max.)   200'
Fastening Options    
Max. Allowable Tension (lbs per inch width)(1)  
Platen Press Weld (25mm Finger Length)   30
Flexco® UX1SS Clipper® Wire Hooks   33
Flexco® APF100 Alligator® Plastic Rivet   27
Flexco® APF150 Alligator® Plastic Rivet   N/A
Flexco®  RS62 Alligator® Ready SetTM Staple   31
Flexco®  RS125 Alligator® Ready SetTM Staple   N/A
(1) Max allowable set as the lower of 25% yield strength or 2% stretch of weld or splice
Weld Parameter Recommendations    
Flexco® Aero® Splice Press   FC9
Top Platen   380° F
Bottom Platen   380° F
Cycle Time   8 min.
Pressure (Bar)   1.98

Food Grade Belt - Slit Width Tolerance
Up To and Including 4" >4" to 12" >12" to 16" >16" to 36" >36" to 48"
+0/-.100" +0/-.120" +0/-.125" +0/-.160" +0/-.250"



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